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Role: Artist/Producer
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Label: Fashion Sells Musiq (Los Angeles)

Formats: Digital / Digipak CD [Buy]

"...filled with rhythmic twists, ambient sounds and unforgettable melodies." - 
MAGNET Magazine 

"The balance that he is able to maintain throughout his music, that of electronic dancefloor rhythms married with ornate, often pseudo-orchestral melodies, sets his music apart from the casual EDM masses." - Beats Per Minute (NYC) 

"Eternality is full of beautifully measured tracks that play-out like mini soundtracks; refined, elegant and full of interesting beats and adventurous soundscapes.” - GoldFlakePaint (Bristol / UK) 

"CUSCINO proves to be an artist worth getting to know." (3.5/4 stars) - The Daily News 

"...the producer expresses his wide-reaching arsenal of influences, ranging from his own background in classical guitar to the simultaneous experimentalism and accessibility of Flying Lotus. The result is CUSCINO's debut EP, Eternality." Ad Hoc (Brooklyn) 

"...the kind of stuff you'd expect to hear at a David Lynch retrospective. Atmospheric, highly left of center stuff that does have song smarts rather than merely good intentions. It's only a matter of time before all the dues paying gets him known outside the realm." - Midwest Record

CUSCINO, a Los Angeles-based film composer, carries his musical prowess into his own artistry as a genre-bending artist/producer, working in-between the lines of chillwave, EDM and hip-hop primarily. His recent national press & radio campaign behind his October 2013 debut release of Eternality (Released: October 29, 2013 on Fashion Sells Musiq / Formats: Digital + CD) saw the budding artist/producer receive nationwide college + specialty radio support coupled with overwhelmingly positive press support from top-tier music tastemakers such as AdHoc (Brooklyn), BpmNY, Magnet Magazine and GoldFlakePaint (UK). CUSCINO's debut EP opened the door to an ongoing, CUSCINO-guided tour through an expanding sonic story with one goal: to give you the feeling that life is an infinite, layered mystery.

CUSCINO’s debut outing takes listeners on a six-song journey filled with rhythmic twists and turns, ambient sound, unforgettable melody and a distinct sense of forward motion. Mixed and mastered by three-time Grammy nominee Mark "King" Penn (Trackwriterz Studios, Atlanta), the album is a confluence of comforting beats, memorable voices and expertly warped noise. "My ultimate goal is to take the listener on a journey that's highly visceral, visual and open to interpretation, from the layers of music down to the names of the songs themselves. When focus is given to the music, I want to enable them to go wherever they want to go internally," said CUSCINO. 

"Turn it up, turn it up," a honey-soaked female vocal counsels at the end of "A Little Black," the opening track on CUSCINO's Eternality. One would be wise to listen. The EP is a perfect soundtrack to all the recesses, dark and light, of your mysteriously infinite psyche. Each song builds on the next, and as the 20-minute musical comes to an end, an acute sense of what it means to be eternal washes over you. The second track, "Unfiltered", takes you down a dimly lit street where you expect to pass a silent, scorpion-jacketed stunt driver. "Only the Beginning" builds on the mystery with pulsating simplicity and a haunting use of layered vocals that nod to another Los Angeles producer, Flying Lotus. As the album rolls on, it becomes clear why CUSCINO named his album Eternality. Each track carries a sense of that which will not stop, no matter what dreams may come. With foundational beats that melt into the basic human sense of rhythm, these songs stick with you. The music becomes the score to your daily routine, pushing your mind and soul to places where  borders blur, where dreams and reality cease to be exclusive. The final track, "Walking in the Garden," which hearkens to Purity Ring's quintessential elements, closes with that same honey-soaked vocal offering up a hopeful reminder that "You are always here," and it is easy to feel the endlessness of self as the song fades.

Eternality is available at iTunes, Bandcamp, AmazonMP3, Amazon (CD), eMusic & everywhere else digital music is sold.


The official music video for lead single "Walking in the Garden" was released November 8, 2013 in cooperation with Maker Music / Maker Studios (Los Angeles). Directed by Mike Harris and produced by Lord Danger (Los Angeles) .