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Bromazepam (CUSCINO Remix)
by Adis Gile
Role: Producer
Release Date: September 11, 2015
Label: Dirty Cat Records (Germany)

Adis G is back with a bomb for the dancefloor, a tech-house track at its finest. The release includes remixes by CUSCINO, Hobo Baggins, Jan Plötzlich and ESC Laboratory.  More details forthcoming.

01 - Bromazepam (Original Mix)
02 - Bromazepam (Hobo Baggins Remix)
03 - Bromazepam (CUSCINO Remix)
04 - Bromazepam (Jan Plötzlich Remix)
05 - Bromazepam (esc-laboratory Remix)

Catalog #: DCR0039