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Love Potion [prod. by CUSCINO]
by Buddy Lofton
Role: Producer
Release Date: February 11, 2014

Featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: #NextUp Mixtape, Vol. 22 (March 2014),,, (Germany), Peace Magazine,,, Fly Boy International,,, DJ Cutty for Texas All Star DJs / Sniper Squad DJs /  Cuttyradio (VA / DC),, Definition of Fresh,, Fabulous and Undiscovered Magazine (UK), I Am Hip Hop Magazine (Exclusive Premier), Ill Writer,,,,,, MeddaFore, MusicImperium, Pittsburgh Music Magazine,, RemixBlasted,,,, The Original Winger,,,, Oxide Radio (UK), DJ Homicide, DJ Sabotage, DJ King James on FLOW Radio, Genesis at WYNU and beyond.  

Buddy Lofton is a young east coast rapper and actor born in Queens, New York, raised in Brentwood, Long Island. Buddy's lyrical flow centers around expressing thoughts to inspire, providing a depth rarely found in the game today.

Grounded in the ongoing exploration of inspiration, Lofton's thoughtful lyrical flow gives his tracks a certain emotional and philosophical depth not often found in the game today. "We are all under the influence of something the world has to offer," says Lofton. "It's not just about drugs or alcohol; it's about media outlets, religion, love, family and failures."

"Something has influenced you to become the person you are this very moment, and I'm always expanding upon this idea through my music – capturing certain moments, thoughts and vices from my life that have influenced me to be who I am today."

Since his last release, "Under the Influence," Lofton has worked with several East Coast producers to continue honing his sound and craft. But recently, he's teamed up with a few West Coast producers – artist/producer CUSCINO of Los Angeles, in particular – whom he connected with during the recent production of the gritty urban film "A Smile", in which Buddy had the lead role.

"The track came about as a result of the film itself, and my process while scoring it," CUSCINO said. Writer/Director Matthew Torchon wanted to go deeper than average scores tend to go, so he paired CUSCINO with Lofton to create something truly unique. What resulted was exactly that: a record that channels the spirit of the film, capturing a young man's search for happiness within a fierce urban landscape and his own personal trappings.

"Buddy is one of those truly special artists I prefer working with as a music producer," says CUSCINO. "He brings a layered depth that I'm constantly working to create in both my own work and that of artists I work with."

As for the output from this powerful collaboration, the single is called "Love Potion", and as CUSCINO promises, it won't be the last collaboration from Lofton and CUSCINO in 2014. "This is only a taste of what's to come… it's our warning shot."