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Club Summit, Vol. 2
by Various Artists
Role: Artist/Producer
Release Date: December 19, 2014
Label: Scrambled Recordings (Germany)

A Beatport Exclusive, this compilation features CUSCINO's "Set Fire (Adis Gile Remix)" from his recent single release on Dirty Cat Records (Germany). The compilation features 24 artists/producers from around the globe, highlighting some of the year's best club and deep house music.

Includes tracks from Lash, Mass Digital, Marco Tegui, Juan Lombardo, Berny, Matheus Castro, 2Manyfold, Max Volkholz, Mirco Niemeier, Adis Gile, Mercury, Lio, Hanne & Lore, Not So Under, Beatamines, Noe Spesielt, Mind Conventions, Deteque, Samantha Nova, Markus Kirchner, Jhon Denas, Cosmic Cowboys, Giorgia Angiuli, Manni, Michelle Manetti, Kolours of Black, John Toti, Ivan Masa, Gareth Bilaney, Funkylover, David Petro, Conde Milenio, Ariane Blank, Andre Salmon, Alexander Koning, Adam Eve, Danny B, Sergio Deer and CUSCINO.