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Independent Film Lands Top Band for Soundtrack
Multi-platinum selling artists P.O.D. to carry lead track for upcoming 'Skycallers' short film.

Los Angeles, CA September 28, 2012

The lead track for the upcoming independent film Skycallers has now been solidified. According to Director Leepiei Green, the short film will feature multi-platinum selling artists P.O.D. (Razor and Tie) and their song “End of the World”, which debuted on their last album, 'When Angels & Serpents Dance'.

In what promises to be an eclectic mash-up of musical styles, P.O.D.’s addition to the the soundtrack casts them alongside industrial synthpunk act The New Dark, Los Angeles film composer Curt Cuscino, Deacon King and many more. As a first-time director, Green wanted to maintain the indie spirit of his film by collaborating with as many up-and-coming artists as possible, but the addition of P.O.D. proved to be just the boost his film needed. “Working with all of these talented artists, who for whatever reason are still under the Hollywood radar, has been a truly amazing experience,” says Green.

“And to now have P.O.D. in the mix... Let’s just say that we’re going to have one heck of a soundtrack. Getting a band like P.O.D. means more people will listen than ever. And that's good for everybody involved with the film.”

Produced by White Ferret Films, Skycallers opened to early buzz at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles, where it was nominated for Best Action Sequence. The independent film features rising actors Leepiei Green (also the film’s director), Douglas La-Mont Hill, Marci Beck and Jose Orellana. And by bringing on a band of P.O.D.'s fame and reach, it's clear that Green and White Ferret Films are looking to build on their film's early success.

Skycallers is set to release in late 2012, but fans of both the movie and P.O.D. can download the entire soundtrack for free at And while Skycallers features music from P.O.D.‘s previous album, their current one, 'Murdered Love', is charting on Billboard's Top 20 Hard Rock Albums. To promote the album, P.O.D. is currently touring with Shinedown, Godsmack, Papa Roach and more on the nationwide Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival tour.