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Made of Chalk - Review
The LA-based artist has woven something moving, intoxicating and deeply impacting.

October 29, 2013

Los Angeles artist and film composer CUSCINO's debut EP Eternality is a captivating and charismatic cornucopia of electronic-based music not unlike CHVRCHES, Purity Ring and Flying Lotus. Opener “A Little Black” is nocturnal, gauzy and languorous. Vocalist Sarah Magill coos breathlessly over a bed of machinated beats, loops and samples and the entire feels dream-like and cinematic. Magill doesn’t return until the EP’s conclusion “Walking in the Garden,” but CUSCINO more than makes the interim worth it. “Unfiltered” is a bit sleepy and placid, not quite a doozy but not exactly the knockout punch one might hope for.

On the contrary, “Only the Beginning” ratchets things forward with a spine-tingling sequence of sounds that is definitely worth revisiting. Ditto for the ominous and gorgeously placid “Tonight, We Dream.” The disc’s penultimate cut “An Arrival” is a complex mix of video game blips and bleeps, twinkling bells and airy pianos. By the time, Magill returns on the hazy and hissing “Walking in the Garden” the urge to go back to the beginning and start over is almost too much to pass up.

The sign of greatness in music is when the artist leaves the listener wanting more. That kind of talent is easy to captivate on an EP but what Cuscino does on Eternality is truly telling. With moments that convey a bevy of emotions, the LA-based artist has woven something moving, intoxicating and deeply impacting. This is most certainly a name to watch out for in the months and years to come.

-- Gregory Robson, Made of Chalk

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