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Critical Praise Propels CUSCINO's Debut EP Into 2014
Los Angeles-based artist and film composer receives love from critics for his debut EP release, 'Eternality', pushes press and station play into the new year.

Los Angeles, CA December 30, 2013

Los Angeles-based artist and film composer CUSCINO released his debut EP, Eternality, on October 29th, and after nearly two months of turning up on many college, specialty and internet station charts across the U.S., the positive reviews continue to roll in. For a debut album to be met with critical reception is a big deal, but to be met with such positivity is a testament to the work CUSCINO put into 'Eternality.'

CUSCINO has a unique approach to his craft. His tracks are complex blends of disparate sounds strung together to form organic and inorganic harmonies. For some, ‘Eternality’ would fall under the EDM genre umbrella, but the tracks on this outing intentionally blur the lines of a standard EDM offering, placing CUSCINO in an interesting place: as a bonafide outsider, reaching for something deeper than rank-and-file club bangers.

This strategy seems to be working, as the EP has received praise from musical standard bearers MAGNET Magazine, UK pub GoldFlakePaint, Ad Hoc, Beats Per Minute and SLUG Magazine. 'Eternality' and CUSCINO have also received critical notes of approval from Made of Chalk, Bears and Bullets, Midwest Record, Vents Magazine, a video co-sign from Maker Music (LA), and radio support from over 70 college and specialty radio stations nationwide.

The EP was released on Los Angeles-based label Fashion Sells Musiq and can be found everywhere digital music is sold. To learn more about CUSCINO, visit his official site at


CUSCINO is a Los Angeles-based artist and composer who’s been writing and recording music for more than two decades. More recently, he’s been tapped to score numerous festival-bound films, featuring such talent as: Adrienne Lovette ("Sunlight Jr."), hip-hop artist Buddy Lofton (NYC), Rod Hunt ("Harry Potter" franchise, "Law & Order: UK"), Edwin Bravo ("Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End") and more. CUSCINO's debut album, 'Eternality', is available now on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and everywhere else digital music is sold.