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CUSCINO Finalizing Tracks for Fall 2014 Release
LA-based artist/producer CUSCINO currently wrapping tracks for anticipated sophomore follow-up.

Los Angeles, CA May 29, 2014

LA-based artist/producer CUSCINO is wasting no time in following up his debut release with his sophomore offering. 'Eternality', his debut EP, was released in Fall 2013 on Fashion Sells Musiq (Los Angeles), and CUSCINO is finalizing tracks for his next release. His second, as yet unnamed album, is set to release this Fall.

CUSCINO will be picking up where he left off on 'Eternality' with an album that features his patented blend of genre-bending, multi-layered tracks. This time, he's hand-picking a host of underground vocal talent from a crop of up-and-comers spanning from Los Angeles to as far as Brooklyn to find the right voice for his unique rhythms and approach.

"This next release is an important next step in the storyline and conversation I opened with 'Eternality,'" says CUSCINO. "Working with extremely talented vocalists and MC's for this next album is an element I wanted to bring to the forefront this time around."

Since releasing 'Eternality,' CUSCINO has been busy at work, recently releasing a curated DJ mix titled 'I Will Find You in the Dark'. The mix featured more curated underground talent from LA and abroad. He has also cued a mid-Summer single + remixes releasing in Europe on Dirty Cat Records (Germany). As if that wasn't enough, CUSCINO is also finishing the score for the short film "UNMISTAKEN," while his next project, a UK feature film, moves into production.

For fans looking to hear how all this work and experience has contributed to the evolution of his music, his upcoming sophomore effort will release in Fall 2014 and will be available everywhere digital music is sold. To learn more about CUSCINO, visit his official website at


CUSCINO is a Los Angeles-based artist, producer and composer who’s been writing and recording his unique brand of music for over two decades. His debut album, 'Eternality', was released in the Fall of 2013 and was met with critical acclaim. CUSCINO's music is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and everywhere else digital music is sold.