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Beats Per Minute (NYC) - Track Premiere of "Only the Beginning" from CUSCINO's "Eternality" EP
Channeling the spirits of such artists as Segovia, Massive Attack, and Prince, enigmatic producer blurs the lines between genres and sound.

New York, NY October 1, 2013

Los Angeles producer and composer CUSCINO has spent the last twenty years absorbing music on an osmotic level.   Membranes become permeated with sound and internal rhythms drive him determinedly forward into some vaguely familiar, yet still mysterious musical landscape.  Having been classically trained on the guitar from an early age, CUSCINO developed an innate sense of composition and melody which became more complicated and deliberate as he grew older and his interests turned slightly more electronic.   Channeling the spirits of such artists as Segovia, Massive Attack, and Prince, the enigmatic producer blurred the lines between genres and sound until nothing was left but a shimmering aural curtain that was easily parted, allowing often disparate sounds to flood into each other.  He’ll draw that curtain even wider with the release of his debut EP, Eternality, on October 29th via Fashion Sells Musiq.

For our first peak into the inner workings of Eternality, CUSCINO has chosen the pulsating “Only The Beginning” as our entry point.  Opening with gently plucked notes and clacking percussion, he melds a wobbly synth and vaguely chorale background vocals into an almost liturgical drone.  But this isn’t some static set of sounds tacked onto a cardboard frame; the melody slips casually between the synthetic superficiality revealing something akin to a beating metallic heart that drives the song forward.  There is a definite sense of momentum that — even in the slower parts of the song — creates an anticipatory response in the listener — a need to know exactly where he’s going and the all too infrequent excitement of not knowing where we might end up.  CUSCINO understands that we have a mental disconnect between the real world and our fantasies, and on “Only The Beginning,” he seems quite satisfied with his attempt to successful bring the two together.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the new single, “Only The Beginning” from CUSCINO’s upcoming debut EP, Eternality.

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