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CUSCINO Goes Deep with 1Accord Magazine in New Interview Feature
Fresh off his flight home from Oklahoma's Backwoods Music Fest, Los Angeles' own CUSCINO sat down and shared his world in this in-depth interview.

Los Angeles September 19, 2015

Fresh from his flight from the Oklahoma Backwoods Music Fest, Los Angeles’ own CUSCINO sat down and shared his world with us. He shares his inspirations, music tastes, and his favorite ice cream, among other things.

Holding many titles under his belt, CUSCINO is also the host and curator of FutureSound, a weekly radio show highlighting producers and artists from around the world who continuously explore and challenge the soundscape of music.

We are proud to feature the second, and most recent, installment of CUSCINO’s summer mixtape series. Listen to City Nights Vol 2: The Ramp below, as we dig deeper into the man that is CUSCINO...

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