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CUSCINO & Nuutrino Roundtable Interview with Illuminati 2G
I2G chilled with CUSCINO and Nuutrino for an exclusive interview, discussing their start in music, upcoming projects and much more.

Las Vegas November 25, 2015

Illuminati 2G is here with CUSCINO & Nuutrino, how’s it going?
What’s good brethren! Going well man, appreciate the support you guys have given “Saucy” — we always appreciate publications like I2G that give love to those of us on the come-up, that will always be honored.

Nuutrino: Good good. Just happy to be here working and everything is blessed.

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences out there coming up.
CUSCINO: I’ve been creating music since I was about 14 or 15 man, nearly 20 years believe it or not. I started writing, recording, performing live, producing and all that in the days of the early PC using that old program called Acid, a Roland drum machine, and a Dr. Sample. That drum machine only had like 5 sound kits (if that) and was bigger than a laptop…it’s crazy to think back on how far things have progressed. As tech moved forward so did I, aside from the turntable and guitar elements I was often bringing into my music. Then I moved onto more effects, Cakewalk, a Roland MC303, and a Roland XP-50 (right after Trent Reznor used to one to create almost the entirety of “Pretty Hate Machine”). That was the beginning of my evolution as a producer and DJ. I’ve got a ton of influences from then to now, but a few key ones for me have been: Timbaland (especially when he was first coming up and gracing the cover of electro-focused mags like URB), Underworld, Prince, Nas, Jay-Z, Black Star (still one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time in my book), Pharrell in the early days, Goldie and the Metalheadz Crew (UK drum-and-bass crew), Tricky and Massive Attack to name some of the starting points. I was a skate kid too, so aside from the electro, drum and bass stuff, and hip-hop, I was also ingesting a ton of metal core and underground hardcore bands like Coalesce, Shai Hulud, Underoath, Quicksand, and Poison the Well. All that combined in a blender got the wheels turning to where I am today, and all those influences can be found as anchors in my sound if you listen for it.

Nuutrino: Music has always been a sonic love for me but, i think i became fascinated after writing a quick rhyme and having people say “yooo, that shit was ill”. After that, I tried it here and there recording on tissue stuffed cassettes to a boom box. I fell in love with the sound of me over grimey instrumentals. I felt like the illest…lol…shiit. And i knew i was lol. As far musical influences…I have so many from classical genres to rock to hip-hop but, the one group who has had the biggest effect on not only my music but my life…is Mobb Deep. Illest sounds and hidden messages ever created. Hands down. I would literally make money off this rap shit and pay them off homage. Word up. Infamous till my death date. Shout out to the whole Mobb fam.

You have your new single entitled Saucy. Tell me a little bit about the single... [Read the full interview here]