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Production Begins on CUSCINO's “Walking in the Garden” Music Video
Los Angeles-based artist and film composer teams up with Lord Danger to produce music video for lead single "Walking in the Garden," set to release alongside debut EP at the end of the month.

Los Angeles, CA October 3, 2013

October is shaping up to be another busy month for Los Angeles-based artist/producer and film composer CUSCINO, as production began this week in Los Angeles on the music video for the lead single, "Walking in the Garden," from his upcoming debut EP, "Eternality."

CUSCINO is joining forces with the genre-bendingmusic video production team at Lord Danger, who has worked with acts such as Steve Aoki, Major Lazer and Destroid. Production is taking place at Maker Studios in LA, and is currently ongoing. Directing the video is up-and-coming director Mike Harris.

For CUSCINO, finding the right team to bring the video together was a key part of bringing "Walking in the Garden" to the public. "First impressions are everything," says CUSCINO. "Very often, artists' careers live or die with that first single, so I wanted to bring one of the most on-fire production companies in Los Angeles into play to ensure the visceral nature of my music connected with the people that make this all possible: the listeners and fans."
"With Joshua Shadid and Maxwell Riesberg at Lord Danger producing and Mike Harris directing, I couldn't ask for a more perfectly brewed opportunity to do just that. I'm really excited to watch it all come together."

CUSCINO is currently having one of those years that aspiring artists dream about, having already been linked as composer on several films – both locally and abroad in the UK – with several more on tap for 2014. And currently, he's in full release mode as he gears up for the October 29th release of his debut album, "Eternality", which will be unveiled on LA-upstart label/collective Fashion Sells Musiq.

The debut EP is a diverse, emotionally ranging offering designed to take listeners on a visceral, visual journey of sound – which is a lot like what listeners can expect from Lord Danger and Harris once the video is released worldwide. "I want to take listeners somewhere with every track, and that's no different with 'Walking in the Garden,'" says CUSCINO. "I love leaving things with open-ended, Lynch-esque interpretations, and it's my hope that people will see something deep in these visuals that resonates within them."

"So whether listeners respond to the visual cues embedded within the textures of the song, or form emotional attachments that extend beyond the lyrics, come October 29th, we'll all be able to watch together to see just what story is being told."


CUSCINO is a Los Angeles-based artist and composer who’s been writing and recording music for more than two decades. More recently, he’s been tapped to score numerous festival-bound films, featuring such talent as: Adrienne Lovette ("Sunlight Jr."), hip-hop artist Buddy Lofton (NYC), Rod Hunt ("Harry Potter" franchise, "Law & Order: UK"), Edwin Bravo ("Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End") and more. CUSCINO’s debut album, "Eternality", releases worldwide on October 29, 2013, on Fashion Sells Musiq everywhere digital music is sold. Pre-order and exclusive early-download offers are available at